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June 17, 2006: Not much new to report, other than this web-site!


DeKalb Sunset

Welcome. This is my first attempt at a web-site. I've put it together using two free tools, some open-source templates and my own content. All images and words herein are my personal property, and I retain full copyright to same. If you wish to contact me, feel free to email me at

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That is the question...

To open a window to one's soul or not. To suffer slings and arrows, or mean praise - or both most likely.

I have realized a key component of my inspiration to create is based on having an audience. My photography and music are such that I can enjoy the doing and reviewing of them in isolated autonomy. But that talent which I believe is my best, viz writing, I cannot seem to motivate myself to do unless I have an audience. Even while thrumming on the keyboard, I need to have a recipient in mind. It's more than the old rule for writers to have "an audience" in mind; rather it is an emotional need to know that somebody, somewhere, actually wants to read my words.

Because of my need of audience, I have created this site. It is mainly a place to share my writing. Because I also create images and sounds, I will share some of those as well.

A silent audience is as good as a non-existent one. Please provide me your feedback if you can spare the time.