Compare These Maps

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Compare These Maps *From   These maps show a shameful correlation, but not a wholly surprising one.   Out of 150,000 or so Syrian refugees in Europe, a very, very small number were disturbed malicious zealots seeking to sow mass slaughter and chaos. The same could likely be said of ANY large group of […]

A More Perfect Union

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I expound on my favorite words from the Constitution…

The Amazing Meeting: 2012

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A brief report of our excursion from Chicago to Las Vegas to experience our first “The Amazing Meeting” in 2012

Scientists of Bygone Days

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Last evening the sky was littered with tumbling and blowing clouds, thwarting my aspirations for further astrophotography. So I did the next best thing, I stayed in, curled on the couch, reading an e-book about symmetry and group theory. Before bedtime, I got as far as starting to read about quantum mechanics and the beginnings […]

Fish Evolve Resistance to Religious Ritual

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Fish evolve immunity to religious ritual

Conservative dogs

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Recent studies link human conservative social (and potentially political) behavior to variation in a particular gene (the 5-HTTLPR gene). Interestingly, the relevant variants in this gene are split almost 50/50 in the human population of European descent. I just read a story about dogs having innate “pessimistic” or “optimistic” responses to novel stimuli, and associated […]

Is the Earth in a Special Place in the Cosmos?

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A recent story indicates there may be variation in the fine structure constant (which relates to the fundamental strength of electromagnetic interactions) over time and over space. The time-variation shows up as the astronomers looked out into space, and thus back into time. This variation has been claimed to exist by some, but the jury […]

Liberty: The Best Idea in History

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A talk I gave talking about the idea I believe to be the among the very best in history: Liberty

Cracklin’ Sky!

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The same day that brought nifty clouds also presented an opportunity for catching the lightning… [ levitra versus cialis | viagra stamina | sildenafil citrate 50mg | buy low price viagra | alternate uses for viagra | when do i take viagra | pfizer viagra canada | cialis brand | online pharmacy cialis | pc100 […]

A storm rolls through

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Thanks to Rob for the idea to “picturify” the shelf cloud. More fun with nature in my back yard – or close to it. [ viagra online pharmacy usa | viagra for women | viagra soft generic | alternative female viagra | buy viagra online | cialis brand | cialis generic | buy viagra on […]

Punctuated Equilibrium and Universality

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Punctuated equilibrium is a refinement of natural selection theory. To cut to the chase, it proposes that speciation happens in bursts during periods of rapid genetic change; often in response to environmental factors. It occurs to me that bursts of creativity and innovation also sometimes stand as bookends to periods of status-quo in other areas […]

On the way home from breakfast…

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…we saw a blue heron. Zipping home to grab my camera, we came back to find it still fishing in the pond nearby. Nice birdy! [ viagra affect a female | viagra effects on women | cialis price 100 mg | viagra on line | viagra soft tabs | how does viagra work | is […]

Medieval witch-hunts continue

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Apparently Ali Hussain Sabat, a Lebanese TV personality made a trip of religious devotion to Saudi Arabia, where things got a bit nasty. Part of Mr. Sabat’s shtick involved a kind of “Carnak the Magnificent” routine wherein he would dispense sage advice and pretend to read the future for callers. The stuffy Saudi religious police […]

The Brain: Scientist or Fortune-Teller?

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Recent research has shown the brain inherently uses something like the scientific method. Although the study specifically assesses the response of the visual cortex to anticipated or novel stimuli, it makes sense that there’s a more general pattern-matching mechanism underlying basic cognition. A commentator even suggests there’s a link between the brain’s success rate at […]

Just Another Day

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These are some of the things I have seen today. From my back patio in a suburb of bustling Chicago. A mother owl with her chick                  The first flowers in my yard     A watchful mother Owl family in moonlight I am filled with wonder that such beauty is available right under my […]

Capacity Management with Treemaps

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Adding the functionality to build dynamic treemaps from Nicolas Garcia Belmonte’s InfoVis javascript package into Capacity Integrator.   I’m confident this is the first product for enterprise IT capacity management that uses treemaps to provide an overview and drill-down of the tremendous amount of performance and capacity data large enterprises must deal with. I’ve written […]

An evening with Dr. Shermer

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The Roosevelt Atheists club attended a wonderful lecture by Dr. Michael Shermer last night as part of Birthday Week celebrations. Dr. Shermer talked about why people believe weird things. A moment of excitement came when a U. Wisconsin professor asked a question that revealed he was a “Nine Eleven Truther”. The crowd booed and muttered, […]

Dr. Obvious strikes again

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In another affirmation of the obvious, this study says people with greater intelligence are more likely to be atheists. Raise your hand if you are surprised that people who are more curious, well-learned and better at figuring out cause-and-effect relationships are more likely to poo-poo the supernatural… Less obviously, they’re also apparently more nocturnal. Finally, […]

This is your brain on equality

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It seems the human brain is pre-wired to react strongly to inequality. I was just thinking that ants and bees have highly stratified social structures that are quite different in terms of responsibility and danger. I wonder, if humans didn’t have this brain circuitry, would we have ever claimed a universal distribution of inalienable rights […]


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When buying “From Eternity to Here” on Amazon, two books listed at the top of the list look almost identical. The first book, “From Here to Eternity: The Quest for the Ultimate Theory of Time” looks yummy! The next book, “From Here to Eternity: Rediscovering the Ageless Purpose of God” is rather less so. Guess […]