Apparently, a group of cave-fish in southern Mexico have had quite enough of a religious ritual that ends in their death. The fish, over the course of more than five centuries of repeated springtime ritual poisonings, have evolved a tolerance to the lethal toxin. Their fry inherit the resistance, indicating it is a genetic trait.

I wonder if someday human beings will evolve a resistance to the poisons of religion – such as religious wars, intolerance and the donation of vast quantities of hard-earned capital to fund impractical pageantry?


  1. Eric Auld says:

    I saw your post of the Frost poem on Ebert’s website. That is my favorite Frost poem! I love it so much! It is so sweet, and sad, and lonely, and just reminds me of people I know, and myself. Thanks.

  2. Eric Auld says:

    By the way, have you noticed the intricate rhyme scheme in that poem? ABA BCB CDC DAD AA. I love it.

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