Scientists of Bygone Days

03.27.2012  |  No Comments ››

Last evening the sky was littered with tumbling and blowing clouds, thwarting my aspirations for further astrophotography. So I did the next best thing, ...

Just Another Day

03.18.2010  |  No Comments ››

These are some of the things I have seen today. From my back patio in a suburb of bustling Chicago. A mother owl with her ...


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When buying "From Eternity to Here" on Amazon, two books listed at the top of the list look almost identical. The first book, "From ...

Test of Microsoft Word 2007

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This is a test post from MS-Word 2007. It includes a picture from my Minnesota 2006 vacation.

The Beef with Beef

12.29.2006  |  No Comments ››

The recent ruling by the FDA specifying that warning labels are not required on cloned beef has caused angst among some people who don't understand the process ...